Learning Nurse e-Learning Modules

Narrated Presentations

Here are the e-Learning modules and simulations that we have created so far.

1. Learning to Learn Tutorial – this Flash video tutorial is designed to motivate and assist health care practitioners to embrace ongoing professional development. The tutorial describes why professional development is important; how to assess, plan and evaluate learning activities; and, provides suggestions as how to make learning most effective and successful. The tutorial includes a 21 item self-test quiz.

e-Learning modules and simulationsFor research and evaluation purposes we have produced this tutorial in three versions:

We would appreciate your feedback on which version you prefer as well as general comments and suggestions.

2. Patient Assessment e-Learning Course – this is an e-Learning version of the "Patient Assessment Self-Assessment Tool" document produced by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia (Canada).


Welcome to the Learning Nurse Diagnosis Simulations section of this website. Here we offer simulations where you have to determine the most probable condition or cause from the symptoms and physical findings.

Each simulation includes several clients / cases with different related disorders. You can ask each client / patient a series of questions and view their physical assessment findings. A description of the disorders and a detailed quiz are also included for your learning pleasure.

To open and run a simulation, simply click on its title below:

This section is still under development and testing. We will continue to revise / enhance our simulations and add new ones as they become available. Please let us know which models and topics you would like to see us develop and make available to you.