Y: Rehabilitation Nursing








I have the knowledge and ability to provide rehabilitation nursing services.


I have the knowledge and ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment to adapt the nursing process to rehabilitation nursing.


I know the rehabilitation continuum and the progression of the client through an episodic illness or trauma.


I understand that rehabilitation is the re-education of one who has been ill or injured.


I am aware that the purpose of rehabilitation is to return clients to optimal functioning.


I know the multiple roles of the rehabilitation nurse, e.g., advocate, caregiver, coordinator, counselor, etc.


I apply principles of evaluation to the assessment of the client and family's progress toward rehabilitation.


I apply the nursing process to the health assessment of the rehabilitation client.


I know how to perform full health assessment on the client.

Y-10 I can provide a variety of interventions to assist client and family to deal with physical, cognitive, and perceptual deficits.

Y-11 I know how to provide for relief of pain through pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain management strategies.


I can provide specific rehabilitation therapies and safely use equipment and devices to promote self care in activities of daily living.

Y-13 I modify nursing interventions based on objective and subjective assessment of client to facilitate improved coping with functional deficits.

Y-14 I know how to explore the client and family's perceptions, and concerns regarding functional deficits.

Y-15 I follow the medical treatment / rehabilitation plan and provide nursing care to clients with multiple needs.

Y-16 I provide clients ongoing education regarding the care and rehabilitation related to their specific disorders / injury.

Y-17 I can assess the learning needs of the client and family.

Y-18 I use effective communication skills and techniques to establish a therapeutic nurse - client relationship.


I know how to develop a plan to address the learning needs of the client and family.


I can identify the coping mechanisms being used by the client and family.


I select the appropriate time and place for client teaching, based on readiness, resources, and response.


I support the client and family as they cope with illness, loss, recovery, and rehabilitation.


I provide emotional and psychological interventions to client and family throughout the rehabilitation process.


I assess on an ongoing basis the client and family response to treatment and care, and adjust teaching and support as required.


I know the roles of the interdisciplinary team within the rehabilitation setting to facilitate the client's return to highest level of functioning.


I serve as client advocate making client's views known to other health team members.


I participate in establishing rehabilitation goals with the client and family and the interdisciplinary team.

Y-28 I contribute to the successful function of the interdisciplinary team by following through on the planned goals and activities.

Y-29 I facilitate discussion of client and family concerns within team conferences.

Y-30 I can resolve conflicts among team members through effective use of communication techniques.

Y-31 I participate in the evaluation of the client's and family's progress towards rehabilitation goals.

Y-32 I can identify the effects of loss and disability on the client and family.

Y-33 I assess the transition the client and family must make for the client to return home.

Y-34 I work with the interdisciplinary team to prepare the client and family to adapt to the changes / transitions necessary for the client to return home.

Y-35 I can identify social support systems which may assist the client and family at home.

Y-36 I participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team to arrange for the discharge of the client.


I can identify and arrange community support and resources for the client upon discharge.


I know how to teach the client and family strategies for dealing with behaviours and attitudes they may encounter in the community.

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