Nursing Competence Basic Self-Assessment Tools

This Nursing Competence Basic Self-Assessment Tools section has 26 self-assessment forms (with a total of 644 competencies) for you to evaluate your nursing competencies in core, advanced and specialized nursing areas. Each self-assessment tool is available in print format and online. Click on the appropriate link to open or access a specific competence self-assessment form. The numbers in ( ) indicate how many competencies are in each self-assessment form. Be sure to read the Instructions and Rating Scale before you begin using these self-assessment tools.

Time for a self-assessment.The self-assessment ratings on the online forms are not saved. Therefore, if you want a copy of your self-assessment ratings for your records, please use your browser's print button to print off each completed page before you close it.

 Instructions and Rating Scale  Print  Online
 Basic / Core Nursing Competencies    
   A:  Nursing Knowledge (15)  Print  Online
   B:  Client Assessment (12)  Print  Online
   C:  Care Plans (10)  Print  Online
   D:  Client Care (24)  Print  Online
   E:  Safety (18)  Print  Online
   F:  Interpersonal Skills (16)  Print  Online
   G:  Professionalism (20)  Print  Online
Advanced Nursing Competencies
   H:  Immunization (32)  Print  Online
   I:  Infusion Therapy (45)  Print  Online
   J:  Maternal and Newborn Care (47)  Print  Online
   K:  Medications (45)  Print  Online
   L:  Palliative Care (24)  Print  Online
   M:  Pediatrics (17)  Print  Online
   N:  Respiratory Care (27)  Print  Online
Specialized Nursing Competencies
   O:  Clinic-Based Nursing ((27)  Print  Online
   P:  Community Health Nursing (30)  Print  Online
   Q:  Emergency Nursing (20)  Print  Online
   R:  Gerontology Nursing (32)  Print  Online
   S:  Mental Health Nursing (44)  Print  Online
   T:  Neurological / Neurovascular Nursing (19)  Print  Online
   U:  Occupational Health and Safety Nursing (16)  Print  Online
   V:  Ophthalmic Nursing (10)  Print  Online
   W:  Orthopedic Nursing (26)  Print  Online
   X:  Perioperative Nursing (15)  Print  Online
   Y:  Rehabilitation Nursing (38)  Print  Online
   Z:  Surgical Nursing (15)  Print  Online